Franco Alvarez Wins at Lucas Oil Raceway

With 15 drivers and 4 cautions, Franco Alvarez takes the checkered at Lucas Oil Raceway. Starting in postion 1, Franco Alvarez held off the other 14 drivers for an impressive win! With 4 cautions, the field was bumping and rubbing! Tempers may be flaring next race between drivers and crew chiefs about this level of aggressiveness. Will this carry over next race? Have enemies been made and how will this impact the next race? We'll find out next time; stay tuned!

1Franco Alvarez 45
2Todd Robillard 40
3Claudio Bardelli Jr 39
4Craig Merizon 37
5Tony Furtado 37
6Artur Vieira 35
7Thiago Gomes 35
8Tim Lansberry 33
9Denis Udachin 32
10Givaldo Spindola 31
11Jesus Iglesias 30
12Paul Brown 30
13Jim Willis 29
14Paulo Tchachalowski 27
15Jair Oliveira 26
: Lead a lap : Lead the most laps : Best Lap

Driver Penalties

Jesus Iglesias Jesus Iglesias received Stop/Go penalty, 10s, 0laps for "Illegally Passed Before Green". Result: penalties=1, 1st=Stop/Go,10s
Artur Vieira Artur Vieira received Drive Thru penalty, 10s, 0laps for "Speeding In Pitlane". Result: penalties=1, 1st=Drive Thru,10s
Jim WillisJim Willis received Longest Line penalty, 0s, 0laps for "Pitted On Closed Pitlane". Result: penalties=0, 1st=None,0s