Elisio Netto Wins at Road Atlanta 2021

With 21 drivers and 0 cautions, Elisio Netto takes the checkered at Road Atlanta 2021. Starting in postion 1, Elisio Netto held off the other 20 drivers for an impressive win! The race was clean; the crew chiefs will enjoy the lack of needed repairs. The lack of cautions also shows the level respect these drivers have for one another. Will it last? Have alliances been formed and how will this impact the next race? We'll find out next time; stay tuned!

1Elisio Netto 51
2Nikolaj Gerasimov 42
3Roman Ryabtsev 41
4Claudio Bardelli Jr 39
5Rizal Abdurachman 36
6Paul Brown 35
7Vadim Palits 34
8Iqbaal Kurniawan 33
9Nikolai Terpilovskii 32
10Gordon Carter 31
11Yuda Prasanta 30
12Kris Hughes 29
13Berto Krissetianto 28
14Handy Goandy 27
15John Stanley 26
16Jim Willis 25
17Artem Shulaev 24
18Nikolay Bezrukov 23
19Ritzky Novhar 22
20Artur Vieira 21
21Adhie Sathya 20
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