About The Developer

Hello! I am William Dunbar, PhD. I'm a Army combat vet and senior software engineer for several Fortune 100 software companies. By day, I write code in various languages such as Python, Go, C++, and C#; at night I help admin a great sim racing league called High Octane Racing League (HORL). I have been sim racing off and on for about 5 years in total. My true passion is developing code that brings a community together for the price of free. I have architected clouds for Microsoft and Salesforce, as well as developed DevOPS frameworks and implementation plans.

I developed this points manager for HORL but I had the community in mind. I believe that collaboration facilitates innovation, which is why I bring you this tool to help get more interest into sim racing. You can find me on any platform where you see HORL. You can also email me at william@wdcoding.com. I also own and operate EliteHostingUSA.com, which provides web hosting and dedicated servers to the world. Many Rfactor 2 leagues use Elite Hosting to run their servers, which is another way I try to facilitate great sim racing experiences. I hope this tool serves you well; Race on!